Vlogging Pocket Camera
One-Click AI Editing Smart Tracking Gimbal Stabilization 4K UHD
A new generation of smart short video making tool, integrated with AI algorithm,
enables better short video shooting and
making in a creative way.
New experience of smart tracking
Easily locking on objects in motion, while focusing on the main object.
3-Axis gimbal stabilizer enhances stability, making the screen much clearer.
Say goodbye to phone shaking, and make videos in your own way.
An excellent video-making device,
just beyond your imagination
Beautifying effects
Massive pieces of popular
music at your fingertips
All in one click
Select highlights by AI, match with templates in smart way.
It couldn’t be easier to make video clippings in such style.
Morange Smart Visual Engine
Lead in one-click shooting and making
Strong algorithm power in 2T, analyzing pictures in real time.
  • Object identification
  • Scenes identification
  • Human status identification
    Human face orientation Expression Gender Quantity Human location Motion trail
  • Tracking Modes
    Human body Human Face Cat Dog Image tracking
Wider vision brings better selfies
Dual anti-distortion 4K ultra-wide field
12 MP micro ultra-wide field prime lens
No need to focus manually and say goodbye to vague images.
  • Super large pixel
  • Digital zoom
  • UHD video
  • High penetration super definition lenses
  • Ultra wide field
  • Super large digital flow
AMOLED high definition
touch screen
1.4-inch screen preview
Super charming colors
Clearer images
CNC drilling craft anti-skidding universal rocker
Easy control with lens, free image composition when shooting.
USB 3.0 super speed port
4 times faster than WiFi transfer rate
Preview in HD
Smooth Screen
Easy Operation
Plug and Play
MORANGE is a dedicated App which is developed by Moshontek for Morange Smart Camera, providing real-time image preview, Video editing, video sharing features and so on. Combined with AI intelligence and image algorithm, it brings you greater experience of creation.
Bring you a film-making experience
More fun in rich features.
Morange M1 Pro Vlogging Pocket Camera
Pocket Film Maker